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Paying Tribute To The Act Of Creation

March 18, 2009

God, this is so cheesy, but it needs to be said. When you are seeing or reading or listening to something that is beautifully expressed, and that gives you the chills or the goosebumps or that makes you really laugh or cry or just have a good feeling somewhere inside you, you have to give it up to the people who made that piece of expression, that piece of art, possible. The artists, the talent, the creators, the producers — every one’s skills and genius collaborated to make something that was worthwhile to you, even if for just a snigger that sounded like you were snorting, or a little lump in the throat.

That thought alone should be good for a little more pleasure coming out of you, the viewer, the reader, the audience. Someone, or some people, labored to give you this moment of happiness, and you should be thankful, on top of being happy, that such a thing as creativity exists.