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Subjugated And Entertained

January 9, 2009

A quick thought before I head out to catch a bus: most people are willing to be entertained and to be subjugated, essentially without any bounds. Therefore, the most powerful man is a funny dictator.

Oh, wait a minute, was that Chaplin’s point in his movie, The Dictator?


On The Question, What is Lint?

October 8, 2007

When you run your finger along the top of your entertainment center, you will find it coated by a thin, grey film of indeterminate matter. This will be part dust and part fluff and part who know what else, and will rise behind your moving finger in a plume that settles back hurriedly at a new place on the shelf, like a pack of vultures run out by jackals from the carcass they were feeding on, taking a quick hop away to a safe distance from where they wait their chance to re-alight on their dinner. You have just encountered lint.

If you stop to contemplate what just happened, instead of rushing away to the rest of your day or bringing a wipe with a mixture of shame, guilt and good intentions to thoroughly clean out your entertainment center, you will be surprised by a rich matrix of questions. Do we even know what lint is, to begin with? It defies a structural definition, for it is too small or too fragile for us figure it out by pulling it apart

Can it be defined functionally? No, because we have no idea what lint does, in the general context. It pretty much appears out of nowhere mysteriously, and then (more…)