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The Sort of Blinders I Need

December 10, 2008

I am like a racehorse that you might hire, and command to get to the destination at the end of the race track as soon as possible. I will then try my best to follow those directions, and will work hard at it.

But I might notice in the process that there is a short cut, an option outside theĀ  suggested race track, that will also lead to the end much faster. At that point, I will say to you, look, I think we should go that way, that’s much faster. I have run many races before and I know these detours work really well.

Then you might say, well, that’s not going to work, just keep on this race track. I will then ask why. This is one of the many things that I do, I ask why. And you will say, look, I’ve worked for a long time thinking about how I am going to go down this particular track, so I am not interested in going down any other track. I told you to run this track, so do it. And I will say, you told me to get you to the end as fast as possible, and now I am telling you this track is not the way to do it. So shut up and let me do it my way.

If you can’t convince me at that point, that there is some real good reason for me to stay on the first track, I get very much like an annoyed horse. I start to buck and whinny in annoying ways, and you feel like maybe you made a mistake by hiring this horse. I will tug at the reins and attempt to sneak my way over to the track I prefer — in short, the lure of the faster track has now become an irresistible Siren call.

If you don’t have the ability to then put blinders on me that I don’t chafe at, and that will keep me from being distracted at the time I am wasting taking the longer track, you will have a good experience working with me. Otherwise, we are in deep shit.