Dear Reader,

welcome to my blog — thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and if you left a comment, even better. I want this blog to be more than a window into my thoughts — I would like it to be a platform for informed, smart discussions about our world, primarily based on topics of interest to me, or at least those that I am able to write something intelligent about.

My user name on this forum, Drunken Filosofer (pronounced, “Philosopher”), fairly accurately reflects my two passions: intoxication and introspection. I love ideas, and read extensively about them, whether in politics, philosophy, art, culture or technology. Of these fields, the last is the one I am pursuing a career in. As an amateur writer, I am also very slowly honing my craft, by writing in this blog and through other channels, so I can contribute to my other fields of interest as well.

I am intentionally being vague about personal details. I lead many lives and am a product of different kinds of intellectual and cultural influences. This sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable when they learn that I have opinions that don’t match the norm within the social sphere they are a part of. To avoid lengthy explanations, and unnecessary diplomacy, I would like to remain as anonymous as possible. I hope this doesn’t detract from the worth of what I write, or your desire to participate in discussing and critiquing these posts.


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