I’ll Know Change When I See It…

Change will have really come to America when the amateur porn orgies you see on the Internet are as multi-racial as the current First Family. As I write this post, interspersed with quick peeks at a porn streaming site where I’ve got an orgy scene all cued up and with gentle strokes to my penis which has been pulled out of its clothed confines and is tingling with slight anticipation — I think to myself, when will a group of friends, regardless of the color of their skin and the content of their creed, be able to unite for the common purpose of butt-fucking each other and filming it for the world to watch in grainy MPEG format? And I also think to myself, how unhygienic is it to be touching myself and typing at the same time? And will MPEG formats be to my children’s generation what the mimeograph is to us?

But returning to the original problem: why does all the amateur group porn today feature White People? Do all the Brown, Yellow and Black people not feel like celebrating sexual abandon in large groups? Is it because these cultures are so immersed in family and community, unlike those terribly isolated and existentially unrooted Whities, that the thought of doing it with a whole bunch of friends that you hang out with all the time anyway, is just too claustrophobic?

“Oi, papi, we spen all our time together, drinkin cervejas, celebratin Cinco de Mayo, bitchin about our White bosses, now we gotta come home and try to figure out who’s goin to be holdin the camera and who will be fuckin mi querida Maria first? Puta madre, no!”

Or maybe it’s a symptom of the digital divide.


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