A Genesis Story Idea

Here’s another story idea. I was thinking about how one might try to understand the beginnings of human ideas, of morality and religion and politics and civilization, and I thought that our myths and legends are really the end product of many millenia of story telling whose purpose always has been to uncover the past and explain the origins of our thinking. So the idea in this story is a quest to the beginnings of time to find the Primal Stories, the Ur Accounts of How We Came to Be the Way We Are.

This is a genesis story in the sense that it is like the other genesis stories of different cultures. It explains how things were in the beginning from whence everything has come to pass. Today we tell ourselves countless stories but at some point in the past, there must have been fewer stories to tell because life was simpler.

It’s not working out. I will try to come back to it later.


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