Cart Before The Horse Yet Again

Improper transportation techniques continue to be rife. The recent hair- and money-raising activity in the search space, where Kosmix Inc raised 20 million dollars in this environment, has gotten the usual round of snake-oil-salespeople-worshippers going gaga all over again.

CondeNast burbles all over itself:

“any company that can get $20 million out of anybody in this atmosphere deserves to be taken seriously.”

By that token, Bernard Madoff needs to be taken very seriously. “Hey, look at this guy here, he knows how to get money from unsuspecting people, maybe we should do a profile on him and conjecture that he’s the next breakthrough… something.”

Seriously, guys: Can we stop confusing cause and effect? You don’t take someone seriously as an innovator because they raised money, you give them money because you are able to take them seriously.


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